Digitizing Humans across Enterprise

FactoryLens™ understands and communicates with all languages of industry using our Augmentor™ (patent pending). We integrate Humans into Enterprise at all levels by digitizing their activities and their decisions across Enterprise.

Industry 4.0

World is at the verge of the fourth industrial revolution and Industry 4.0 is at the heart of strategic & research agenda of enterprises. Companies are combining advanced connectivity & advanced automation, cloud computing, sensors & augmented reality, intelligent algorithms & ‘internet of things’ (IoT) services to transform their businesses... Learn More

Industry Trends

To comply with Industry 4.0 standards, Industrial leaders are digitizing essential functions within their internal vertical operations processes, as well as with their horizontal partners along the value chain. In addition, they are enhancing their product portfolio with digital functionalities and introducing innovative, data-based services...Learn More

What We Can Do

We digitize and automate processes for all industrial sectors, thereby increasing productivity, transparency, efficiency and competence, improving quality and consistency, augmenting workforce and management in planning, executing, scheduling, reporting, auditing, decision making of different processes...Learn More

Our Clients

Our Products and Services


A robust platform for seamless digital transformations of any enterprise

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Time keeper, Workforce Manager, Interactive Analytics, AI based predictive planning

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Digitizes humans on Plant floor, gives access to crucial info, Improved quality & productivity

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AI based Production & maintenance plans & integrated inventory management

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Live monitoring of maintenance / production activities from anywhere

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Comprehensive Historian with Interactive dashboard and reporting services

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Cost Keeper, Cost estimation and Budgeting tool, Historian & dashboards for maintenance costs

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Plant information and management system with advanced features

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Integrated Project Management Platform, Full visibility of deliverables, Data keeper

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Industry 4.0 - The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing and industry. Industry 4.0 is the current industrial transformation with automation, data exchanges, cloud, cyber-physical systems, robots, Big Data, AI, IoT and (semi-)autonomous industrial techniques to realize smart industry and manufacturing goals in the intersection of people, new technologies and innovation.

IoT (Internet of Things), the convergence of IT and OT, rapid application development, digital twin simulation models, cyber-physical systems, advanced robots and cobots, additive manufacturing, autonomous production, consistent engineering across the entire value chain, thorough data collection and provisioning, horizontal and vertical integration, the cloud, big data analytics, virtual/augmented reality and edge computing amidst a shift of intelligence towards the edge (artificial intelligence indeed): these are some of the essential technological components of the fourth industrial revolution.

our company

Augit was established by a group of professionals, coming from different industrial sectors of Industry with the ambition of developing solutions which would Augment Human activities from plant floor to lab to production management to budgets to decision making.

We partner with you first to analyze your workflow and identify opportunities for optimization. During this process, we will also present and demonstrate our range of products suitable for your requirements. Next, we develop a personalized strategy for successful deployment, training, and adoption throughout your enterprise. We are committed to establishing a strategic partnership with each client. Working side-by-side with client personnel we will collaboratively define the business objectives, design and the implementation of your customized solution, and support the project through completion and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

General Questions

Augit's FactoryLens™ is an all in one software which integrates all functions of an enterprise into one centralized platform. This comprehensive data and information not only ensures full spectrum visibility but helps in accurate and informed decisions, planning, scheduling and executions.
An enterprise can semalessly shift to Factorylens without any risk or shutdown. FactoryLens uses our (patent pending) integrator which can integrate and communicate with any enterprise software or control system. Thus both systems can run in parallel for a few months before switching completely to FactoryLens
Yes. Please contact us and our team will be glad to visit you for a functional demo where you can see and test different products including AugAR