A robust platform for digital transformation of the enterprise. It converts your factory into an smart factory, where all activities are planned using AI to utilize your assets in the most optimized manner. FactoryLens is powered by our universal integrator "Augmentor" and can connect to any enterprise software. FactoryLens suite is all in one enterprise software combining the power of traditional ERP, CMMS, MIS, MES etc thereby allowing full spectrum visibility across all areas and processes of enterprise.

It allows you to be in full control of your assets. Crucial information is at your fingertips... Learn More


Aug Reporter is a Historian with interactive dashboards and reporting. It keeps logs all events, comments, updates and upgrades. All manual interventions by managers and supervisors are logged with their comments.

It is a digital logbook of all activities in different departments of enterprise. Every single manual decision or activity, material or spare part consumption can be tracked and traced using AugReporter. It keeps checks on unwanted events like accidental shutdown activities and ensures step to avoid them in future... Learn More


AugPlanner module is a Time keeper of assets utilization and a smart Workforce Manager. It is powered by Interactive Analytics and provides AI based predictive planning. It has user-friendly interface. Clear visibility of info and flexibility enables plant management to fine tune activities and job assignments. User profiles management with privileges, controls and access to relevant info. It Automatically assigns jobs to technicians based on their availability, competence and department. It measures performance of technicians in conjunctions with AugAR. Technicians see any their upcoming activities and can read history of equipment assigned to them. AugPlanner selects and assigns tools to technicians for each activity......... Learn More


AugLive module shows all maintenance or other production related manual activities in real time on any given day. Activities can be seen according to areas, departments or technicians. Management can monitor activities from site office or a remote city anywhere in the world. It works in conjunction with AugAR... Learn More


AugCost works in conjunction with AugPlanner and it enables the management to see the cost of maintenance and plan for budget. It shows maintenance cost based on parts value and man-hours, equipment type, supplier. Maintenance cost can be seen for a week, month, quarter or an year

Management can see man-hours and asssociated cost of maintenance for whole factory, an area, a department, an equipment type for whole year or a chosen span of time... Learn More


An ultimate smart factory solution where all production plans, materials / resource planning, maintenance planning, workforce management, store/inventory management and shutdown management is carried automatically just by entering sales volumes.

AugProcess makes automatic production plans and manage maintenance activities in most optimized manner utilizing full potential of installed assets and available workforce... Learn More


Robust and extremely fast process Historian. Functionalities include data acquisition, visualization, analysis, archiving and reporting from wide variety of controls and enterprise. Shows and holds a complete model of factory/enterprise encompassing mission critical process parameters, equipment effectiveness, energy consumptions, productivity levels etc

Mass energy balance, production performance controls and optimiation, OEE, Reliability analysis - MTTR & MTBS, Downtime analysis, KPI, Laboratory information management system and efficient HMIs... Learn More


AugAR is an Enterprise Augmented reality platform for smart glasses, tablets and tablet. It digitizes humans on plant floor by integrating workforce with control systems and Enterprise systems. AugAR works in conjunction with AugPlanner and guides technicians which area to go to and which exact equipment to work on.

Locks equipment in PLC for safety entil end of production. During maintenance technicians have access to relevant manuals or videos. Technicians can get online video support from experts remotely from anywhere in the world. critical jobs can be video recorded... Learn More

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